Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When The World is Puddle-Wonderful

One day, we were walking home and caught in the rain. Florida is notorious for spontaneous and unpredicted afternoon showers, after all! Someone ran by with a newpaper over their head and Bee asked why. We exchanged the following:

Well, some people may not like to get wet. Maybe he's on his way to work or to school. 
"On his way to school to learn?"
"Will I go to school to learn?" 
You can learn a lot without going to school. In fact, you're learning right now, this very moment. There's a lot to learn from walking home in the rain!

So, we didn't talk much more about it and continued on our walk home. I didn't expect that it made a particular impact until today when we were driving home in the rain and it became apparent that she thinks rain is the apotheosis of learning. Since it had been raining all morning we were prepared with our rain coat and rain boots, but I wasn't prepared for such a humbling experience. We pulled into the parking garage of our building and she said something incredible.

"Mom, can I teach you how to learn?"

I said of course. We got out of the car and I simply watched her splash and play, fully taking in my lesson. For all of my curious readers, this is how you learn. Courtesy of a sweet Bee.

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  1. The way your parenting shapes her curiosity and her learning experiences fills my heart with hope. I love you ♡