Monday, September 3, 2012

A furniture makeover

With Bee becoming so mobile within the last few months we've started to shift our efforts towards baby proofing our living spaces. Creating a safe space for her to investigate without interruption has been one of our highest priorities lately. I believe that we've created a wonderful 'yes!' environment for her, where we don't have to worry about constantly redirecting her or telling her not to get into things - everything is fair game!

The first step was finding a tv stand which was high enough to keep the tv out of reach and organizing the electronic cords so that they were hidden and out of the way. The television set was probably the most dangerous item for Bee in the entire room, and it quickly became her greatest interest, so a solution was in order - and what a tall order it was! We needed something high enough so that she couldn't reach the top. Something sturdy enough so that tipping wasn't a concern. Something which had doors that could keep all of the cords and accessories hidden away, but not glass doors! Something that was functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, and most of all within our budget.

...and we never found it. So, instead we revamped a piece of furniture that was given to us by Bee's grandmother (thank you!), a hot bar meant for serving food. Here it was before, in all it's hot bar, food-serving glory:

And, after a little demolition took place to remove the border on the top surface:

We sanded it, repainted the hinges and cabinet hardware, removed the hardware from the drawers, filled in the holes that held the old hardware in place, drilled new holes for the glass doorknobs, painted, and black washed. In the end, we got this:

You can still see the previous holes a little on the drawers and we're largely undecided about the black wash,  but overall we are in love with this piece and how perfectly it fits all of our needs. 

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