Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beach sensory tub

The best thing about living in Florida is the year round sunshine and ability to spend days at the beach in February! The constant sunshine and warmth is easy to take for granted, and today was one of those days. We have been enjoying such beautiful weather lately that I woke up this morning ready for a beach trip with my sweet bee only to be greeted by thunderstorms upon leaving our home. Should have checked the weather channel!

Luckily, I have some rainy day activities stored in my bookmarks folder and was able to bring the beach to us - and you can, too! I have been meaning to try this wonderful "cloud dough" recipe for quite some time and the dreary weather gave us the perfect excuse.

Sweet hands agree - this stuff is completely fabulous! I used wheat flour to give it a more sandy color, and the texture was absolutely perfect. It feels and behaves exactly like wet beach sand! It can be scooped, poured, molded, and made into sand castles! There could not have been a better way to spend a rainy day.




  1. Stella looks so much better now that she's lost her baby fat and has longer hair.

    I love her eyes, she looks so intelligent.

  2. "so much better"???!!! Good grief. Let the poor kid alone!

    Lovely blog and photos x

  3. Stella is as beautiful as the day she was born :) you are an amazing mom . Enjoy every minute with her they grow up so fast ....

  4. You're both wrong, I was worried that Stella would forever be afflicted by her "Rob genes" (her father).

    Just look at this picture and tell me her face doesn't look wide and boyish:

    Anne herself said that she really looked like her husband when she was born, but now is starting to look more like herself; beautiful, as opposed to ogreish.

    Narrower feminine faces are simply much more attractive. Wouldn't you want your children to look as beautiful as possible?

    1. Oh, stop it! You're embarrassing yourself.